Holidays with a Health Twist

Hands up if you ever feel like you need to a) constantly be working to Achieve Your Dreams, b) be contactable 24/7 c) project an enviable life on Insta at all times or d) all of the above. Same, sister. Same. Maybe it's time for a holiday, and not just sitting on a sun lounger kinda hol. Pack your lycra, fly direct from BHX and get your pulse racing with these overseas trips that pack a fitnessy twist. Because healthy body = healthy mind = happy hecking holiday.

Bike around Copenhagen's architecture

Tour the 'world's most liveable city' from a different perspective: on two wheels and taking in the modern architecture of Copenhagen. The city's biking infrastructure could show the A38 blue cycle route a thing or ten, and Alice and Asser will be your hosts. Using a design STRiDA bike, you'll see architectural highlights like government buildings, the old town of Vestervold, the harbour and beyond for an insight into the Danish way of life and culture.

Fly to Copenhagen with SAS.

Yoga under the Eiffel Tower

Adding a bit of Eat, Pray, Love to your vacay doesn’t have to mean flying half way around the world. Rather than just trekking to the usj tourist traps on your next big city trip, seek out the unusj! Instructor Tioka, originally a New Yorker and now a passionate Parisian, will guide you through 190 mins of yoga under a pretty famous tower. You might have heard of it? Afterwards head to the nearby organic cafe for a juice. I can feel my chakras aligning already.

Fly to Paris with Air France and Flybe.


Sailing and swimming in Barcelona

Gaudí Schmaudi. Amirite? Enjoy Barcelona from a different perspective and hire a sailboat for a day (don’t worry, the captain is included). Skipper Sergio, who is probably beautiful, will teach you some sailing basics but you can just chill the eff out on the open sea with snacks if you prefer. Top tip: keep your eyes peeled for dolphins. And apologies to my GSCE art teacher Mrs Robinshaw for the Gaudí slur.

Fly to Barcelona with Ryanair and Vueling.

Cliff diving and reef snorkelling in Cancún

Ready to take your adventuring kudos up a few notches? Cancún is best known as an all-inclusive party resort but there's also more ancient history than you can shake a tamale at. On this jam-packed day trip, you'll explore the ruins at Tulum, snorkel through the Caribbean Sea and swim in some caves. Think you're done? Not just yet Bear Grylls, there's the small matter of a jungle trek first. Phew.

Fly to Cancun with Tui.

Horse riding in the Czech countryside

Just an hour from Prague is Zličín, where your day of horse riding starts. No previous experience? No probs. There are horses for all abilities and owners Alena and Ina will be with you all day. Meet at the stables, groom the 'osses, saddle up and then you're off. You'll ride through fields, along streams and next to the hop gardens of the local microbrewery before picnicking in a forest. Before you know it, it'll be time to trot back to the stables. But probably pop to that brewery before you head home.

Fly to Prague with Czech Airlines and




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