Security Officer

Security Officer - A conversation with Neil

What did you do prior to joining Birmingham Airport?

I was a Lance Corporal in the British Army and I then became a self employed plasterer.


What attracted you to the role?

With my military background I thought the role would suit me.


Tell us about your training?

I had to learn about all aspects of Aviation Security as well as complete and pass an x-ray test. I have to take part in this training every year to be able to continue to carry out my role.


So what’s a typical day for you then?

I work early shifts and my day mainly consists of processing passengers through the search area, this includes body searching and checking bags.


What advice would you give for potential new recruits?

This is an active job that involves lots of customer service and patience. You also need to be a team player.


So what do you like best about your job?

Working as part of a team, having responsibility and I enjoy meeting new people.


And what qualities are the most beneficial?

Customer service, patience, and a sense of humour whilst always staying alert.


Are there opportunities to develop in your career?

Yes there are always opportunities to progress.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining BHX?

Birmingham Airport is a large company with plans of growth, giving job security and benefits.

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