Waste Management

Waste Management

For a site as large and complex as Birmingham Airport, the creation of waste is inevitable; typical waste streams include:

• Passenger waste – newspapers, cans, food waste, plastic and glass bottles. 
• Business waste – cardboard, wooden pallets, metals, IT equipment and office paper.


Minimising waste and recycling

In order to manage our waste, we take active steps to ensure that the amount of waste produced at the Airport is reduced to a minimum and that waste is recycled where possible. To help us achieve this, our waste is dealt with through our own Integrated Waste Management Centre. Thanks to our in house initiatives, we are implementing measures such as:

  • Minimise waste and recycle where possible
  • Encourage partner organisations on site to actively participate in recycling schemes
  • Dispose of non-recyclable waste by incineration rather than landfill
  • Minimise the use of hazardous or toxic materials and where possible, replace them by using less damaging alternatives 
  • Ensure that hazardous or toxic materials are stored and disposed of in accordance with relevant legislation


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