Surface Water Quality

Commitments to Surface Water Quality

  • Maintain and improve surface water drainage systems to ensure local watercourses achieve the best biological and chemical quality
  • Control airport operations to prevent pollutants being discharged into local water courses
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation

The Airport has three local brooks (Westley, Low and Hatchford) running through the site which then flow into the River Cole. The Low Brook enters the airfield at the south end of runway 15/33 having passed under the A45 Coventry Road. The brook then winds its way past the aircraft parking stands and the passenger terminals and finally exits just south-east of Marston Green. Both the Westley and Hatchford Brooks meet just inside the Airport and flow underneath the northern end of the runway and exit into Sheldon Country Park.



There are some activities that we carry out at the Airport that can affect our water quality. Runway and taxiway de-icing in winter are such activities, which are conducted to ensure aircraft can safely take off and land. Computer modelling is used to anticipate when de-icing will be needed and to ensure that it is used efficiently. Aircraft operating from Birmingham also require de-icing prior to operating. This prevents any ice affecting the controls and handling characteristics.



At the Airport, we have a duty to ensure the water quality is protected from any pollution associated with our activities. We have 24 hour water monitoring and a routine sampling programme at 24 discharge points around the Airport site to ensure the water quality meets or exceeds current UK water standards.

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