Air Quality


Air Quality Monitoring

We measure, monitor and report on ambient air quality levels at the airport. We have a dedicated air quality station located on the airfield, with data available to download or view live via the Air Quality England website located here.  



Our air quality monitoring station provides us with continuous on-site monitoring of particulate matter (PM10), carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and various oxides of nitrogen (NOx).  Air Quality monitoring is a requirement of our S106 obligations.  All data is collected, analysed and fully validated by Ricardo-AEA. 


Reducing our impacts

  • Work with airlines and air traffic control on green airfield initiatives, such as reduced engine taxiing and limiting the holding of aircraft where possible
  • Where practical reduce the use of Auxiliary Power Units and Ground Power Units by aircraft, by providing Fixed Electrical Ground Power on aircraft stands
  • Increase understanding of air quality issues in the community and Airport workforce
  • Introduce measures to improve local air quality

The Airport plays only a part of the impact on local air quality, with the majority coming from road transport.  We are working hard to increase public transport access to the Airport and to reduce the impacts this causes.


Further Information

Annual Air Quality Report 2016

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