BHX Operations

Operating procedures for aircraft are complex and every Airport has different procedures and policies that are unique to the environment and communities that neighbour the Airport.

In acknowledgement of this we have produced an Arriving and Departing Aircraft at Birmingham Airport Policies and Procedures Document. This details the policies and procedures relating to aircraft arriving and departing from the Airport.

Communities that are directly adjacent to the Airport boundary may on occasions experience disturbance from ground noise. There are several different sources of ground noise that can come from aircraft operations at Birmingham Airport including aircraft using reverse thrust when landing on the runway, taxiing to and from the runway, auxiliary power usage and engine testing. In recognition of this, Birmingham Airport has produced a Ground Operations Document which is designed to help residents understand the different types of ground noise and how the Airport works to reduce and mitigate the impact where possible.

The Airport also occasionally receives reports of suspected aircraft fuel dumping, or even toilet waste in the air, therefore Birmingham Airport has produced an Aviation Deposits and Odours Document which addresses this matter in greater detail.



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